Cam Fowler wanted to see the video. How it happened. Why it happened. Fowler didn’t want his mother, Bridget, to see it. Told her not to. How his right leg buckled at the knee, turning in a direction it isn’t supposed to go. How he went down in immediate, intense pain and how he had to be helped off the ice with no weight put on the leg. As he stood at his locker room at Honda Center after his first practice with the Ducks since that moment, Fowler doesn’t hesitate to say how lucky he is to consider returning to action four of five weeks later rather than four or five months. “It was a scary thing,” Fowler said Saturday. “When you’re on the ice, you don’t know exactly what’s going on. You just know that something’s wrong. Once I got back in and the emotions kind of settled down a little bit, you’re able to take a step back and realize that things could have obviously been a lot worse. “So I’m thankful for that and thankful for all the work that everyone around here has done for me to help me get back to a point to where I’m close to playing now.” The initial view of his injury makes Fowler’s potential return next week seemingly inconceivable. In the first period of the Oct. 20 game against Montreal, Fowler had the puck at the half board in the offensive zone and tried to shield it away from Canadiens center Phillip Danault.