Daryl Morey has made it clear he wants an All-Star talent for Simmons and all the leaks from the team indicate he stands firm in his belief that someone will rise to that price.

So what might this list consist of? It's actually a rather interesting thought exercise because the Sixers do not need a center, obviously. Let's see if we can take a gander at fleshing out some of the list, including the names Amick mentioned and excluding obvious untouchables like LeBron James or Stephen Curry.

Damian Lillard
James Harden
Bradley Beal
Jaylen Brown
Vaccinated Kyrie Irving
Donovan Mitchell
De'Aaron Fox
Paul George
Kawhi Leonard
Brandon Ingram
Jrue Holiday
Mike Conley
Khris Middleton
Domantas Sabonis
Zach LaVine

Okay. So that's 15 names. Out of those 15 names, less than 10 are realistic.