Trying to teach little kids how to play sports requires an absurd amount of patience and can be incredibly stressful. Just ask this coach, he’s in charge of a group of ankle bitters, and during a recent game, he made every effort to get his team to execute a fast break. But most kids of that age aren’t the best at processing details. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to see a player get the ball, look around, and then start dribbling the wrong way.

He was well on his way to scoring two points for the other team, until coach stepped in.

There isn’t much information out there yet about the origins of this amazing video making its way around social media.

There’s a couple different ways to think about this video, first, he simply killed this young child’s self-esteem. I really hope this kid is too young to remember that time he got posterized by his coach in the middle of a game.

Second, I really hope this coach is friends with this kids parents, because this isn’t the kinda thing every parent is going to let slide.

And the third reaction to a video like this…

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