'Hank the Dog' made his MLB debut for the Brewers on Opening Day at Miller Park. Hank was greeted by the loudest ovation of the afternoon at the Brewers' opener against the Braves.

The story of Hank is much more than a great P.R. move by the Brewers and a great public service announcement for adopting pets...'Hank the Dog' is a cash-cow (or dog) for the MIlwaukee Brewers franchise. According to reports, Hank merchandise was flying off the shelves at Miller Park and will continue all season long. He's certainly cuter than 'Bernie Brewer'.

PED user and Biogenesis victim Ryan Braun also received a rousing ovation from the Miller Park crowd. Once again, a shining example of how the possibility of winning trumps cheating and lying each and every time.