Love this bomb. Willie Randolph just eviscerates Yankees' manager Joe Girardi with this videobomb during his in-game interview segment on YES Network. Also, the YES Network fails at life.

It's a long interview segment (worth watching for Yanks fans) but the bomb occurs at the 2:00 mark of the video.

I love the fact that Randolph tried to bomb Girardi a few days before but he was doing a radio interview at the time. I'm sure Joe really gave it to him over that mistake.

Girardi is simply the coolest guy in baseball.

The most glaring aspect of this video is how bad the YES Network is at broadcasting a baseball game. I felt like I was having a seizure every time the video feed cut back to the on-field "action". Little tip for the producers...don't cut back to the game video until you get your technical issue sorted out...just a bad look overall. Be better, YES.

Added note: Baseball is the perfect sport for videobombs and I predict there will be a ton of on-camera antics in dugouts all over North America this summer. Just grown up kids hanging out in a glorified playground for seven months. Bombs are bound to happen.