Captain Obvious here, regular season football is coming back soon. 

If you weren't aware of this fact Fox released a new football promo starring their #1 broadcast team Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. 

WTF was that. It’s almost eery oh much the former Super Bowl winner quarterback looks like a background extra from a club scene in Scarface. I appreciated the effort Joe Buck but your hair is looking a little too Trump-esque in this. 

The epic failure of this video is squarely on Fox. One of the true superstars of viral videos is on your payroll in former SNLer and current Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samburg. Over the years you’ve had no issues bringing in comedians like Jimmy Kimmel or Rob Riggel in for laughs. Why not make a call to the Lonely Island guys and see what kind of ideas they have?

Meanwhile, on ESPN. 

That’s better, regular season football starts in 10 sleeps.

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