Going behind the net to flag down a shoot-in can sometimes be a scary task for a goaltender, unless you are Carter Hutton of the Nashville Predators who took a bad bounce off the glass as an opportunity to be featured on PSD RedZone.

Pretty awesome save. 

A couple of observations:

- The shooter (Michael Raffl of the Philadelphia Flyers) looks like he's going to puke right there on the ice. Great facial expression from a guy who just got mugged by the goaltender.

- This happens all of the time. Stay in your net and let your defensemen do their job. Unless you are one of the elite puck-handlers like Brodeur, Quick, Mike Smith, etc...just stay out of it.

- Lost in this play is the incredible back-checking by David Legwand. He got a piece of Raffl's stick at the last second and caused the shot to go to the left side of the net...which, of course, allowed Hutton the opportunity to get his glove on the puck.

- Announcer...stop yelling. I'm not sure who that is. I know ex-coach Terry Crisp and Pete Weber are the play-by-play team for the Preds. I can understand yelling during live action, but there is no need to yell while breaking down a replay.