After the final play of Sunday's NFC Championship Game, Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks said something to Michael Crabtree of the San Francisco 49ers that sparked a chain of events that culminated with the, now infamous, Sherman interview with Erin Andrews. Here is what was said on the field.

"Helluva game, Helluva game."

That comment drew a flag from the official on Richard Sherman and a slap to the face from Michael Crabtree. 

Since the incident occurred on Sunday night, many have wondered what Sherman must have said to Crabtree to draw the flag and we know. We all know that Sherman is the king of the trash-talk, but this wasn't as bad as we all thought.

I'm sure it wasn't genuine sportsmanship by Richard Sherman, and was probably meant to garner a reaction from the receiver, but it was pretty tame by his standards.

H/T - Sound FX by NFL Films