Congrats to Cubs fans, your team has won a World Series and at least for a couple of days you can celebrate. I’m willing to give Cubs fans until after the parade to live it up, but that’s me and I’m not the arbiter on these things. Cubs fans, be careful not everyone is as excited as you guys at the events of the last 24 hours and your apparent transformation into the new version of the Boston Red Sox.

The only example you need is of this Indians fan out that wasn’t willing to extend any grace period to an obnoxious Cubs fan.

TMZ Sports landed an interview with the man who shot the video, and he says the Cubs fan who was knocked out dared the Indians fan to hit him.

 “The Cubs fan said, ‘You guys just blew a 3-1 lead, f**k you.'”

The Indians fan shot back, “Fight me, p****.”

The Cubs fan replied, “Hit me now, I dare you.”

The Indians fan accepted the challenge and blasted the Cubs fan in the face — and then immediately fled from the scene while the Cubs fan laid on the ground unconscious … so says Vallimont.

“He probably didn’t move for about 12 minutes.”

The shamed Cubs fan was hospitalized and because of his juvenile behavior missed out on what I assume was one hell of a party for Cubs Nation. The Indians fan has not been identified, but police are investigating.

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