I don’t generally cheer for mascots, maybe they contribute to the arena experience but as someone that watches most of their sporting events on TV, I’m over mascots. Call me team Robin Lopez. However, like a broken clock is right twice a day even a mascots get it right sometimes.

When a fun plastic bubble race between a Jazz fan and Clippers, got unnecessarily chippy it was up to the mascot to be the moral compass of the event.

In this race a grownup Clippers fan was going up against a child Jazz fan in the bubble race. Instead of beating the kid fair and square, the Clippers fan knocked the kid to the ground. The Clippers fan then raced down the court to claim his win, but out of shadows came Jazz Bear, the Utah’s mascot. The mascot dropped his shoulder and delivered a James Harrison hit to the unsuspecting Clippers fan.

And yes, this very well could have been a scripted prank by the Jazz, it certainly explains a fan wearing a Lamar Odom Clippers jersey in 2017. But why let the truth ruin a good gag.

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