At the end of the regular season even the most measured baseball player must be somewhat tired of playing baseball. So if you’re going to storm the field and bring a game to a complete stop, you better bring more than just flowers.

Example, some clown in San Francisco over the weekend who ran onto the field and tried to give flowers to Giants outfielder Angel Pagan.

They made their move in the fourth inning, making their way around the diamond and handing out flowers. While this is certainly the most kind hearted fan interference we’ve seen in a while, Pagan was having none of it. He simply leveled the fool until security could come by and complete the task. Much to the pleasure of the crowd.

Good job by Pagan the guy had it coming, unless they were local flower delivery staff and someone placed an order to deliver flowers to every player on the field for the San Fransisco Giants. If this is the case these flower shop employees deserve a raise.

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