We haven't heard much from disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong since his doping confession on Oprah last year. Apparently he's been learning some new trades, including how to properly change a bike tire.

The video is part of Outside Magazine's how-to series and is a pretty good description of how to change the tire tube. 

The main focus for everybody who watches the video will, most certainly, be the light-hearted joking about Armstrong's scandal at the beginning of the video. 

DING! Asterisk.

"Hey...I didn't write the script."

Before the video was made, a few editors had an off-the-record lunch with Armstrong where they discussed some of the tougher stories they had done on the cyclist among other things.

“I think this speaks to how radically the world has changed for him in two years,” Keyes said. “And I think part of that is his recognition that Outside and [other publications] covered all facets of him.”


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