The exploits of "Hank the Dog" and his time with the Milwaukee Brewers in Arizona have been playfully documented here at PSD RedZone over the last few weeks. Well, "Hank" has been adopted by the Brewers and he arrived at his new home of Milwaukee on Monday. 

"Hank" was greeted at the airport by throngs of media and plenty of adoring fans. There was a welcome cake and plenty of treats on hand for the arrival party.

The NL Central is a tough division, but as we have stated in the past, things like this can really prove to be a rallying point for teams throughout the long baseball season. You can just picture Fox doing a feature on "Hank the Dog" during the World Series pre-game show.

Glad to see "Hank" has found a home and has made the big club for the regular season.

Nice job, Brewers.