This guy is the definition of a train-wreck. After all of the media attention his recent visit to North Korea has garnered over the last few days, the goodwill game organized by Dennis Rodman finally took place. One word...awkward.

This guy is so wacked out on drugs or booze...or a combination of drugs and booze. The whole video is awkward. They, obviously, told Rodman not to talk on the mic. He sauntered out on to the court, sang a terrible rendition of 'Happy Birthday', made an awkward bow to Kim Jong Un, and could barely dribble off the opening tip of the game.

I'm sure the American team destroyed the South Korean team loaded with 5'6" talent, but who really cares about the final result. The big story here is the weirdness of the whole event and the fact that Dennis Rodman is a mess. I feel really bad for the other players on the American team who, obviously, had no idea what they were getting themselves in to.

Perhaps the real reason that Rodman repeatedly visits his BFF in South Korea is that they have the best drugs in the world. 

"Step coming up...STEP"

Here is Dennis Rodman's original rant from CNN...remixed NWO-style.