Those loveable fun loving New England Patriots are at it again, Well Gronk is loveable anyway.

The day began with Tom Brady getting his Super Bowl jersey back after an international investigation. The hunt for the jersey involved the FBI, Houston Police Department, the Texas Rangers, and the Mexican government. The investigation revealed that the culprit was Mexican media member Martin Mauricio Ortega Camberos, who stole the jersey from the Patriots’ locker room during the postgame celebration.

Today is the first big day of the MLB season and the Super Bowl MVP was at Fenway Park to throw out the first pitch. And of course he brought the newly found jersey. Which was quickly snatched right out of the quarterbacks hand by part-time wrestler Rob Grownkowski as he sprinted across the infield.

The golden boy tracked him down in what might be a first Mr. Brady - running someone down and tackling them on the field.

As for the first pitch, it kinda looked like Peyton Manning throwing a football in 2015.


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