Well, no one ever goes undefeated and sometimes you catch an L.

Mia Khalifa has reinvented herself as a sports troll and part of her appeal is her shameless ability to expose athlete sliding into her DM’s.

In the screenshot, Khalifa is shown asking Arenas if he'd be interested in grabbing dinner with her while she was out in Los Angeles. When he doesn't answer her, she tries to message him again the next day by sending him a few cocktail emojis. The former porn star made two more attempts, but Arenas never answers her. Instead, the former NBA star chose to take a page out of Khalifa's playbook by posting her attempts on Instagram.

Not necessarily begging for the D or anything, Khalifa is an outspoken DC sports fan and it makes sense that she would be a big fan of Agent Zero. Khalifa seemed to be kinda bummed that Arenas went out of his way to embarrass/expose her and she tried to save face.

The internet wasn’t having it though and took full advantage of their chance to through shade on the former porn-star.

Updated: Or this was a marketing gimmick for their new show?

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