Flopping has been going on for a long time on the soccer pitch (and has started to infect other sports in recent years) but I don't know if I've ever seen a more blatant/successful example of faking in sports.

Tottenham's Jan Vertonghen crashed to the ground clutching his head and the referee yanked out his red card and pointed in the direction of FC Dnipro's Roman Zozulya. Obviously, Zozulya was slightly upset at being accused of a head butt/punch that never occurred...for good reason. If that happened to me I'd, at least, want to get in the actual punch that i'd been carded for.

I've discussed this in the past...there is nothing more criminal in officiating than calling something that you do not see. If you don't see the penalty, do not assume that a penalty occurred. This referee, obviously, didn't see a punch/head butt...because there was nothing to see.

BTW...Tottenham beat FC Dnipro 3-1 in this Europa League fixture.

Clean it up, soccer (football? whatever).