Just when you thought you were done with all of the lame "Best of..." lists, PSD RedZone jumps in with a post-New Year's entry. These are the top 10 sports bloopers as selected by me. Enjoy.

10. Ronald Belisario makes a mess of an infield pop-up:


9. Armenian corner-kick fail:

8. Chargers/Cardinals - Fumble, recovery, lateral, fumble, recovery, touchdown:

7. Micheal Bourn with his Jose Canseco impersonation: 

6. Shannon Brown...fail:

5. New York Mets' season in a nut-shell:

4. Drunken Hawks' fan steals Adam Pardy's helmet and his wife/gf dumps beer on Pardy's head:

3. The Butt Slide:

2. Washington State popcorn guy...absolute gold:

1. Condor goes wild at Bakersfield Condors game:

Thoughts? Bring it on.

Happy New Year, everyone.