Tony Romo’s retiring from the NFL rather than pursuing a fresh start in a new organization was a surprise. Romo was a punching bag for one of the leagues most polarizing franchises, but no one would disagree that he could have easily started in the NFL Week 1. In a bold move, CBS hired Romo as their top NFL analyst, pushing Phil Simms out of the booth.

The first reviews are in, and they’re overwhelming positive. Granted the replacing Simms isn’t a high bar as he was terrible and could single-handedly ruin a game. It’s just one game, but Romo is a revelation and might change the way announcers cover the game.

Many announcers can break down what happened during a play, very few are capable or confident enough to call it out beforehand. Here he is talking about safety blitzes pre-snap and what the Raiders did on third down so that they could go for it on fourth down. Routinely announcing to the TV audience what was about to happen and why.

The NFL has been heavy-handed in making the league as quarterback friendly as possible and bringing in someone with a signal callers perspective to explain the game to TV audiences looks brilliant so far.

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