On Monday night Jimmy Fallon began his run as the host of 'The Tonight Show' on NBC. He started the evening off with one of the bits from his old show...with an Olympic twist.

Here are The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon's Olympic Superlatives:

I'm not a television expert, but I am a blogger so I live during the late night hours. I will confess that I watch all of the late night shows (including Carson Daly).

Fallon may not be the traditional example of what some people believe the host of 'The Tonight Show' should be, but I think he's the perfect choice. NBC wanted the 'Tonight Show' franchise to get younger and that is exactly what Jimmy Fallon brings. He plays beer pong with his guests, he smashes eggs over the head of his guests, and he does fantastic music bits with Justin Timberlake, Bruce Springsteen, etc.

His 'Late Night' show was juvenile and fun...hopefully he keeps it that way in the earlier time slot.

Madden's Late Night Power Rankings:

Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Fallon
Conan O'Brien
Craig Ferguson
David Letterman
Carson Daly
Arsenio Hall