The search for Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey continues, as Houston authorities are trying to locate the missing piece of NFL memorabilia that has an estimated value of $500,000. Because Brady is a helpful guy and law abiding citizen ‘most of the time’, he created a list of suspects.

Brady’s list of potential suspects includes references to The Lord of the Rings, The Office, Billy Madison, Game of Thrones, Lady Gaga, Jaws and several other pop culture references.

As time goes on, I can’t understand the Brady hate. I completely understand the Bill Belichick hate and the hating of Patriots fans - who are a special type of obnoxious, especially after the Super Bowl 51 comeback. Brady is consistently taking pay cuts to help his team remain competitive, he married the GOAT of supermodels and has virtually locked up his spot as the greatest quarterback of all-time. Why can’t people just pay respect to his greatness and focus their time hating on people with less impressive resumes.

And it turns out, Brady isn’t just dominating on the field, his social media game has been on point for months. Part of me hopes they find this missing jersey, but this could turn into a fun little social media game over the next couple weeks. Brady interviewing suspects, asking for peoples phones, all kinds of ways they can throw shade on Roger Goodell.

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