The announced attendance for last night's matchup with the Chicago Cubs was 19,481 on a warm, humid night in Ohio. But this picture taken from the video feed of the game in the top of the first is alarming. Not one person sitting in the viewable box seats behind home plate...NOT ONE!

I guess everyone must be waiting for "Reds Stein" night on September 6th.

You can see one guy's legs standing on the stairs. I'm going with this guy being a stadium worker/waiter for the VIP seats behind home plate. He's got one foot up doing the wall lean because there is nobody there to serve. Tough night for tips.

The funny part about this picture is that all of the "late arrivals" had missed the game winning run. Anthony Rizzo homered in front of Castro in the top of the first inning and Travis Wood and the Cubs bullpen combined on a 3-hit shutout the rest of the way. Game over.

I realize that the Reds are having a disappointing season. The NL Central is a very competitive division and Cincinnati was hoping to be in the race for the playoffs but, as Cubs fans will tell you, losing is no excuse for not coming out to the stadium for an evening of Major League Baseball action. There comes a point in almost every team's season that the fans must support a team with no chance of making it to the playoffs and winning a championship. 

I also realize that these are, most likely, corporate seats. Well, the corporate support must also be there through the tough times...especially when a division rival is in town.

It was also "Bark in the Park" night at the Great American Ball Park last night, so maybe everybody was outside the stadium trying to find a grassy section for a bathroom break.

The truth is...these seats were mostly all filled up by the time the Reds took their swings in the bottom of the 1st inning, and it was raining about two minutes before this image was snagged from the video feed. So, either the stadium officials moved fans down to these seats to make it appear better for television, or the folks who were supposed to be sitting there were a little bit tardy getting back to their seats following the rain shower.

Either way...bad look.

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