Apparently the story here is that the kid in grey put a sick ankle-breaking move on the kid in yellow. Soon after, during an in-bound play, the little dude in yellow decided to take things into his own hands.

What we see happen below is outrageous.

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Flopping has become an epidemic across all sports (except baseball) in recent years. Basketball and soccer players are flailing all over the place, hockey players are embellishing hooks and holds, and even football players are faking injuries to gain timeouts and slow down opposing offences. 

If this kid hadn't watched the Miami Heat flopping all over the court, he would never have even thought about doing what he did in this video. And that is the problem. Kids always try to copy things that they see done by their sports heroes...and that is exactly what is happening here and in school gymnasiums all over the country.

The worst part about flopping and diving is that it works. An extra foul call in a basketball game, stopping the clock in a football game, or drawing a valuable 2-minute powerplay in a hockey game could be the difference between winning and losing. Until the referees get better at their job and learn to figure out what is real and what is fake, this stuff isn't going anywhere.

Thanks LeBron.

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