Kwe Parker is a high school basketball star from North Carolina and, at only 6'2", has given the world one of the most eye-popping dunk mixtapes that the world had ever seen. His hops and creativity are mind-blowing.

Parker doesn't graduate from high school until 2016, but college recruiters must be falling all over each other to get at this kid.

I'm 6'1" (and a quarter) so to watch someone who is (basically) the same height as me do something ridiculous like this is mind-boggling. I was never a basketball player, but as a baseball player living in a cold-weather climate we would find ourselves indoors in gyms quite often. Dabbling in dunks was a fun "activity" during downtime from practice. In my athletic prime I could dunk a volleyball but I could never quite get high enough to throw down a full basketball. This dude could probably dunk his own head. 


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