After defeating their division rivals and eliminating them from playoff contention, wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard and Roger Lewis Jr. went to Miami. The group partied on a yacht with Justin Bieber, Trey Songs and several others. Sounds like a pretty damn good way to spend your day off work/January 1st, on a yacht in Miami. Way better then whatever winter weather there was in the Northeastern USA.

As news and photos of this surfaced, a lot of people were criticizing the Giants wide receivers, I’ll just refer to them as haters. Even though head coach Ben McAdoo and quarterback Eli Manning have dismissed it, Eli even had some old man jokes on the matter.

Why isn't anyone clowning on these guys for being on a yacht with a bunch of dudes?  

This really should be the end of the story, if they don’t care, why the hell should anyone else? But for some reason fans don’t like it when athletes spend their days off relaxing, they’re expected to be preparing for playoff games - on their day off.  

This was always going to be a bad look for the players and they likely knew a backlash would come. If I can make one suggestion to athletes, if your going to do something like this and want to avoid the PR headache, just keep it off social media. Pictures like this aren’t going to help you:

Yeah, pictures with what looks like a joint are only going to throw gas on the fire.

In the video below, that originated on an Odell Beckham Jr. fans Instagram account, you can hear someone say, “I can’t take Adderall.” According to Terez Owens, there was a woman on the boat “handing them out like candy,” and the player saying he couldn’t take them was Sterling Shepard, of course good news for Giants fans, as Adderall is a banned substance by the league. 

or this: (NSFW)

These are the kinda things that gets you a call from the NFL and one of those random drug tests.

All that matters is Sunday night, the NFL is a results based business. If the Packers win, someone will find a way to sprinkle blame on this trip, whether its a distraction or poor performance. The Giants walk away with a win and all is forgotten.

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