Just one day after Rams head coach Jeff Fisher tied the record for most losses by any coach in NFL history and roughly a week after it was made public the team had given their coach a 2-year contract extension, the LA Rams have fired Jeff Fisher.

Just to be clear, I don’t get excited about any adult losing their job and catching a public shaming because they weren’t very good at that job. The thing with being a professional coach, is your pretty much guaranteed to get fired and public shaming is part of the job description.

Kinda have to laugh at this though, its a comedy of errors. The Rams organization is a mess and it matters. If they continue to be this clown show as another team (Chargers) moves into Los Angeles next season, could cost them their relevance within the market.

But that’s a little bit too much thinking, here are some of the Twitter highlights from the last couple hours.

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