This week, memes were a category on Jeopardy!, and of course, you couldn’t do this properly without somehow incorporating the greatest sports meme of all-time, the Crying Jordan.

The meme gained a massive following on social media in 2016, but the photos origins date back to Michael Jordan’s emotional/polarizing Hall of Fame introduction speech in 2009.

Crying Jordan is legendary and unmissable. Even those who spend hardly any time on social media are familiar with the meme, and while it may no longer be at the peak of its popularity as it was a year or two ago, it remains a common sight after a significant loss or blunder in a sporting event.

You’ve finally made it Crying Jordan meme! You were on Jeopardy. You can watch the clue above, where the contestant was quick to give the correct answer: Michael Jordan.

We aren’t that far away from the greatest basketball player in history being known as the crying meme guy. No wonder people hate millennials.

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