Nothing about this Carmelo Anthony story is groundbreaking, a professional athlete stepped out on his lady and knocked up his side piece. The hardworking private investigators that are the internet tracked down the woman in the center of the scandal and her name is Mia Burks.

According to the gossip site Fameolous, Mia is expecting a baby girl due in July. Though their report contradicts TMZ, claiming that Mia is not a dancer, but a social worker from Chicago who has since moved to North Carolina in the wake of the scandal. Mia has since deleted her Facebook page and switched her Instagram account to private.

Mia’s LinkedIn page is still working fine and we learned she is a graduate of Northwestern University where she earned a master’s degree in Health Communications in 2016. Since last September, she has been the Director of Special Projects for ReGeneration Schools in Chicago.

Fameolous and Heavy were able to grab some images of Mia before she vanished from social media.

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