Russell Wilson has a lot to be happy about these days. He recently got married to one of the sexiest pop stars on the planet and they’re happy to tell you that the chastity vow has been shattered. Which is great, everyone's happier when they’re getting laid. But just cause your in love and getting laid and strange chemicals are getting unleashed into your brain doesn’t mean you can do stupid things, like be in a poster like this.

C‘mon man... how... your a football player... How are your teammates supposed to respect you when you do so many things to make yourself look silly? Your supposed to be a leader. Maybe this is a testament to how great a quarterback Russell Wilson is. That despite a painstakingly boring and manufactured public persona his teammates seem willing to ride for him.

Really though, of all the NFL players (non-kickers) in the league, is Russell Wilson the least badass, commando-style player out there?

Serious question, if there was a Kickstarter page for now-retired Marshawn Lynch and other former Seahawks to speak about Russell Wilson, would anyone other than me donate to it. Or is all of this in vain and because Wilson led them to a Super Bowl he is untouchable forever, even though he wasn’t actually very good during their Super Bowl run and the next year threw the worst fourth quarter pass in Super Bowl history.

And yes, I know the poster is for charity but that isn't an excuse.  There are lots of ways to raise money without doing things that are going to lead to your teammates having to answer awkward questions.

Let’s take a look at what the internet thinks.

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