In a world that seems to be growing more divided by the day, few things bring people together as quickly as hating on Duke basketball. That’s not to say the Blue Devils don’t have a large and loyal fanbase but few brands in sports are loathed as Mike Krzyzewski’s yearly collection of all-Americans.

Every time that Duke plays on the national stage and ends up with egg on their face, the internet erupts in joy. The greater the expectations the greater the uprorar when things go wrong.  And for a team with this level of expectations and resume it only adds to the failure. Heading into the Big Dance after winning the ACC tournament a filthy loaded with talent roster was expected to be finally healthy and hitting their stride.

And nope, that’s not what happened on Sunday night and the Twitterverse was certainly not hiding their joy.

No one caught it worse than habitual complainer Luke Kennard who became a meme after fouling out and the face of privilege associated with Duke … 

Even the University of South Carolina’s official Twitter account had some fun at Duke’s expense after the game and pointed our a very handy website in the process. 

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