It's been a while since we've featured a good post-game photobomb or videobomb. The NBA playoffs are right around the corner and it seems like teams are starting to take things a little more seriously.

Well, thank you Indiana Pacers.

It is a reasonable expectation that the Pacers are the only team in the Eastern Conference with a legitimate shot at taking down the Miami Heat in the playoffs...and they are really taking a run at them in the "bombing" game also.

Tuesday night's performance by the Pacers featured a 119-98 drubbing of the Los Angeles Lakers, a peek-a-boo from George Hill, some cold water on the neck of Ian Mahinmi during his interview, and an incredible victory dance by Lance Stephenson. Shake it, Lance.

"Sorry about the drenched"?????????  Come on...clean it up, Brooke.

Here are some other entries from the Pacers this season: