New York Yankees' captain and shortstop Derek Jeter played in his 14th, and final, MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday night in Minnesota. The game was a great way for a national TV audience to send off the Yankee great as he prepares to head off into retirement.

I wasn't going to address the Jeter-situation, but the internet has exploded and I feel like I should, at least, put my opinion out there.

Let me start by saying that I am not a Yankees fan, not a Red Sox fan, not a Jeter fan, and I feel that Jeter is overrated and the entire Jeter whirl-wind tour across Major League Baseball is ridiculous and sad. that out of the way.

Here is what went down last night at the All-Star Game.

- Derek Jeter gets a nice introduction prior to his at bat to lead off the bottom of the 1st inning.
- Cardinals' starter Adam Wainwright grooves a couple of pitches for Jeter (either out of respect or instruction from teammates, coaches, Fox TV, or MLB).
- Jeter lashes a double and, moments later, scores on a Mike Trout triple.
- Wainwright admits to reporters that he "piped" a couple for Jeter.
- Wainwright later backtracks and says he didn't serve anything up for Jeter after, obviously, being slapped on the wrist by someone to do so.
- The internet explodes.

Here is a Vine of the Jeter hit in the 1st inning. Take a listen to the fan yelling in the background just prior to contact. Perfect.

I have no problem with Adam Wainwright grooving a couple of fastballs for Jeter during his first at bat. If that's what he wants to do, go for it. If he feels that Derek Jeter is too old a feeble to hit his best stuff...serve it up. This stuff happens all of the time in sports, and this is just an All-Star Game. Fox would have certainly loved for Jeter capitalize of the groove-job and take it deep like Cal Ripkin did in his final ASG. Karma bit "Waino" in the ass as he struggled to get anybody out in his lone inning of work and gave up three runs.

My issue with the whole situation wasn't that he intentionally served a couple up for issue wasn't that he admitted that he served a couple up for issue was that he backtracked from his earlier comments and caved to the pressure from MLB. If you are going to compromise the game, either keep your mouth shut about it or own up to the entire thing. Don't put your tail between your legs and hide behind Bud Selig.

Here are the two interviews. First the one where he admits "piping" a couple of pitches and the second one where he backtracks.

Enough about Wainwright. He did what he was asked to do...period.

Let's discuss the Fox broadcast and the fact that they turned this entire game into the Derek Jeter show. There were dozens of other players involved in this game (some of them making their first All-Star appearance) and the attention certainly should have been spread around a little bit more. Also, the fact that Fox made no mention of Tony Gwynn while not even taking a breath from their Jeter-party is mind-blowing.

Deadspin article featuring video of every reference of Derek Jeter during All-Star Game on Fox.

There was a heck of a lot more social media buzz when CBSNews sent out the following tweet:

"Michael Jeter" quickly became a world-wide trending topic and the sarcastic references to the CBS error continued all night long on Twitter.

The most impressive event of the night occurred during the MLB Network's Red Carpet Show. During an interview with Mike Trout the guys from the telecast correctly predicted that Mike Trout would triple home Derek Jeter from second base in the 1st inning of the game. The chances of them nailing that prediction are probably about 1-in-1,000,000.

In summary...I'm not a fan of Jeter, Wainwright should have either kept his mouth shut or fully owned up to the cookie he gave to Derek, Fox focused too much on Jeter and not enough on other current/former players, there was other great stuff happening in places other than Fox, and the Jeter farewell tour is lame.

Now, for all of you Derek Jeter fans out there...

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