For today's edition of O.S.I.E. we are featuring the sports of curling, slalom skiing, and biathlon (sort of). 


This is back-to-back "Olympic Stories of Inspiration and Entertainment" pieces that we have featured the sport of curling. The first time around we focused our attention on the Norwegian Men's Team and their wacky uniforms...this time we are focused on the women's side and a team that is going to make women's curling a must-watch event in Sochi.

Anna Sidorova, Margarita Fomina, Alexandra Saitova, Ekaterina Galkina, and Nkeirouka Ezekh make up the Russian women's team and they will be getting plenty of attention...that's for sure. 

Slalom Skiing

55-year old Mexican Skier Prince Hubertus Von Hohenlohe-Langenburg is truly the most interesting man in the Olympic world. This is taken directly from his Wikipedia page:

Hubertus of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (born 2 February 1959 in Mexico City) is a Mexican Alpine skier, photographer, businessman, and a pop singer known as Andy Himalaya and Royal Disaster. He is descended from the reigning dynasty of a former principality in what is now Germany.

A son of Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg and Princess Ira of Fürstenberg, Hubertus was born in Mexico when his father worked at a Volkswagen factory. His grandmother is half Mexican, according to a story in Time magazine.[1] He lived in Mexico the first four years of his life and then moved to Spain. He later studied in Austria and his main residence was in Vienna, where he works as a photographer and artist. He only spends a few weeks in Mexico a year, in Cabo San Lucas, but he has Mexican nationality which makes him eligible to compete for Mexico.

Oh and, in addition to all of this, he announced this week that he will be wearing a mariachi-themed ski suit for the slalom event. Prince Hubertus doesn't always drink beer, but when he does...

Biathlon (?)

This image leaked out on Twitter this week of side-by-side toilet stalls in the men's washroom of the Olympic Biathlon Center. 

The internet is making a big deal about this photo, and it clearly has joking potential, but it appears to me that there is supposed to be a divider there. You can see the scuffing on the wall in between the two toilets. Let the internet have their fun.