Skip Bayless has one job to do and that is to make an ass out of himself to drum up ratings. The FS1 gasbag who spits out hot takes whenever the chance.

The NBA season tipped off last night and within six minutes an injury changed the landscape of the league, Gordon Hayward’s first season with the Celtics came to a heartbreaking end. If you haven’t seen the injury, don’t, the Cavaliers bench explains everything you need to know about it.

Bayless used his trademark insensitivity and this moment throw shade on LeBron James. It isn’t that I’m surprised by Skip did this, it is what Fox is paying him $5 million a year for, just too bad he couldn’t wait a day to remind everyone he’s a douche.

NBA players, media, and regular decent folk put Skip Heartless on blast for his shameful tweet.

Bayless swung for the scuzziest take, but Mia Khalifa and host of a sports show that I am not going to bother googling, came in with a hot take. That I don’t really understand or get why she needed to get it out into the world. 

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