First Take started today’s episode by addressing the news that Skip Bayless is leaving the show and ESPN after the NBA finals. The polarizing host is rumored to be heading to FOX Sports where he is expected to re-team with First Take creator Jamie Horowitz, who has been the President of Fox Sports National Networks since August.  

One thing is for certain, First Take will never be the same. Whether you liked it or hated it, I don’t know anyone that actually likes it, most people I’ve talk to about it hate watch it. In fairness, they hate watch it a lot and that counts for something. The sometimes blasphemous and conflicting attitudes of Bayless and partner in crime Stephen A. Smith made for popular television


Regardless of your opinion of Skip Bayless he is a unique voice in sports media, something that there isn’t always a lot of. Whether his voice is something that is necessary or beneficial is another conversation, but the man indisputably had his corner of the sports media landscape.

If you’re wondering what twitter had to say about Skip Bayless leaving ESPN, here is a sample of what I found:

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