Earlier this week (I'm not sure how I missed this) Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins pulled off a wrestling finishing move during a scrum in the corner against the Hurricanes. The Rock saw the video...and he approved.

I'm not sure if Crosby intended to put Jay Harrison in the "Rock Bottom" but he did and it was spectacular. 


Sid is obviously just really excited about Wrestlemania this Sunday. He's like a 12-year old in his living room...just acting out all of his favorite moves out of child-like joy.

Anyway, in this social media world that we live in, word got back to Dwayne Johnson that Sidney Crosby has used his move on the ice on Tuesday night. The Rock approved.

Next we need someone to work on the Tombstone piledriver. The playoffs are right around the corner, after all.

H/T - ThePensBlog.com for the GIF