Grant Hill told an interesting story about his time with the Phoenix Suns during a recent appearance on TNT's Inside The NBA. Hill revealed that back in 2008, Shaquille O'Neal put a teammate to sleep using a sleeper hold during a locker room confrontation following a playoff loss to the Spurs.

Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic confirmed the story and revealed the teammate as Gordan Giricek.

I've never been in an NBA locker room, but would I ever love to be there for that one. It seems like this was done as a gag (everyone has tried the sleeper on a buddy growing up) but all accounts are indicating that this was a legitimate confrontation and Shaq used the sleeper to subdue, and shut up, Giricek.

Shaq has trained as a police officer and has also trained for the octagon in the past, so I wouldn't put it past him. The sleeper hold is tough to pull off in real life so color me impressed.

H/T - Bleacher Report