Shabazz Muhammed doesn’t seem like the kinda guy you want to set your friend up with.

A woman by the name of Noel Bianca is accusing the Minnesota Timberwolves' guard of flying her to Portland, having unprotected sex with her, ditching her for another woman, and then stranding her in Oregon "without a proper flight home." I don’t know what a proper flight home is but this is a special type of twisted.

And she made these claims directly to Muhammad's supposed girlfriend who, judging from these released DMs, wants nothing to do with either of these two clowns.

Not sure what the end goal was in all of this but she sure seems justifiably salty. Did she really expect the girlfriend to send her some money or book her a flight home after admitting to having sex with her man? Bold strategy Cotton.

Check out the bizarre DMs below.

Here are some of the highlights from her Instagram page and it is exactly the type of Instagram account you expect from a side piece of an NBA player.

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