Quincy Acy and Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings attempted to videobomb teammate DeMarcus Cousins following their 123-119 win over the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday night. It could have been executed better, but they can't take all of the blame.

For starters, Acy is walking entirely too fast. Cousins didn't even see them zoom by. A good photobomb/videobomb includes the reaction of the person getting bombed. They should have slowly started to walk behind the interview...stopped and approached Cousins...both peeked over one shoulder at the camera...and continued to exit camera-right.

I should be directing this crap.

The second flaw with this bomb is that the camera is too low, so the shot is pointing up. You can't really see the full impact of the pass. A true professional bomber will let the camera operator in on the gag so he can get a good shot.

Be better, Sacramento. Miami still leads, but I like the effort.