Russell Westbrook has been incredible this season. He’s dominated the NBA this year to the point his quadruple doubles are becoming routine. His athleticism and work rate that he plays at is absurd. That isn’t to say he’s flawless, sometimes his brain can’t keep up with his talent. Other times his brain jumps over the simple tasks, like dribbling while walking, which is awfully important in basketball. Much to the enjoyment of Jeff Van Gundy.

Westbrook finished the game with another quadruple double in the Thunder loss to the Warriors, 27 points, 15 rebounds, 13 assists and 10 turnovers. The travel was the highlight/lowlight of the night, but Westbrook was pure entertainment from a fan perspective in his second meeting with former teammate Kevin Durant. All eyes were on the MVP candidate.

Zaza Pachulia introduced himself to Russell with a flagrant foul and hung around a little longer than he needed to.

The Thunder guard promised revenge in the postgame.

The salty Westbrook still hasn’t gotten over Kevin Durant’s departure from OKC, walking away from Durant as he tries to talk to his former teammate.

And in the postgame, yelling at teammates not to talk to that ‘bitch ass.’

Of course the Thunder guard still does things like this, so whatever grudge or what not he uses as motivation seems to work.

It sure would be fun to see these teams meet in the playoffs, not that it would be much of a series but… who knows what Russell would do. Meanwhile, somewhere Westbrook is still walking.

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