Seattle Mariners' second baseman Robinson Cano stopped by 'The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon' on Monday for an interview and a street segment. The street segment made all of the Yankees fans involved look like total idiots.

These Cano-haters flip-flopped faster than a caught fish on the deck of a boat. 

This is a classic example of Yanks fans hating on a player for doing exactly what most players do when coming to the Bronx. The Yankees overspend on players all of the time with the hope that talent will choose money over loyalty...and they usually do. I challenge all of these clowns booing Cano to turn down $240 million.

Great social experiment, even if it wasn't intended as one.

P.S. - Is there anything dumber looking than booing? I think the rest of the world has it right with the whistling to express displeasure. 

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