That was a disappointing Sunday of football, not that there weren’t impressive performance by the AFC Champion New England Patriots or NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons, but those games were epic ass kickings. No one can say today that the best teams didn’t win and it appears like were going to get a Super Bowl with lots of offence, so it isn’t all bad news. Just too bad that yesterdays game had zero second half suspense, unless you were chasing the Over.

In the NFC, the Atlanta Falcons have an offence that is more terrifying then anyone thought. They’re the highest scoring team in the league and that’s no fluke, understandably it makes sense to be lukewarm on the Falcons, after all they’re the Falcons. But they’re on a six game winning streak and winning by an average of 19.8 points. Doing that in December and January is absurd.

As for the Packers, when Aaron Rodgers was playing the quarterback position better than anyone else could, the Pack had a fighting chance. Yesterday, he seemed like he was out of tricks, not that he was bad by any stretch, but his teammates simply weren’t good enough. Drops, fumbles, injuries and a defense that all season teetered on mediocre to bad. It was too much to overcome. The Packers take great pride in developing their own talent in-house and not chasing free agents, it is fair to wonder what effects that has on roster depth. Rodgers finds himself in the same sort of area Andrew Luck has in Indianapolis, not enough help from the organization.

In saying that, I’m not sure if that would have mattered yesterday. The Falcons are balling, averaging a league leading 33.8 points per game - tied for 8th all-time. They also lead the NFL in points per drive 3.06, yards per drive 40.53 and turn drives into touchdowns an NFL best 34.9 percent of the time. And while the Falcons aren’t amazing on defence, they’ve been improving all year and held Aaron Rodgers off the score sheet till it was 31-0.

After a blowout in the early game, fans were hoping for at least a good game in the AFC title game - and they were disappointed. The Patriots continued their home domination of Ben Roethlisberger.

The Patriots steamrolled the regular season, in part because their schedule was frighteningly easy. They played one quarterback ranked in the top 15 in QBR and that was Russell Wilson who beat the Pats at Foxborough. That has certainly helped New England turn into the NFL leader in fewest points allowed - 15.6 points per game. Sunday was supposed to be the day that was challenged, it didn’t happen.

On offence undrafted free-agent Chris Hogan joined the never-ending list of weapons to come out of no where. The former college lacrosse player had 12 receptions for 147 yards for three touchdowns in his entire college football career. In the AFC championship, he went for nine receptions for 180 yards and two touchdowns. And that is the magic of the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick era, they’re always finding cheap talent that other teams get rid of. Last week it was Dion Lewis scoring three touchdowns, previously cut by the Browns and Colts before being picked up by the Pats.

The key on offence appeared to be the tempo the Pats offence pushed on the young Steelers secondary, routinely snapping the ball with 25+ seconds on the play clock, forcing the inexperienced secondary to make decisions quicker then they were comfortable making. The mistakes were plenty and New England took full advantage.

It didn’t feel like a blow out watching the game, Pittsburgh had their opportunities to make things happen and simply couldn’t. The Steelers had two trips inside the 5-yard line and were unable to generate touchdowns. While the Patriots were 3/5 in the Red Zone and 2/3 in goal to goal efficiency. The Pats were better at the little things and adjustments throughout the game and that’s the main reason they still have one more game to play.

Here are highlights and lowlights from Championship Sunday in no particular order:

The best fan of the weekend was without a doubt this annoying Falcons fan that spent the day terrorizing Packers fans by knocking off their cheeseheads:

Runner Up is this moron: 

Julio Jones dominated the Green Bay secondary all day long: 

Pats fan got a head start on trolling Roger Goodell: 

Bill Belichick doesn’t get impressed by AFC Trophies: 

Falcons DB Robert Alford joins the list of all-time flops with this attempt: 

Tom Brady’s oversized coat was a huge hit on the internet: 

The Cleveland Browns contributed a fair bit to these games: 

Chris Hogan was the star of the Patriots offence and Twitter noticed:

Dancing if you’re going to the Super Bowl became a thing: 

Drunk Robert Kraft trying to give a speech was the MVP of the postgame celebrations:

Aaron Rodgers Sunday in a nutshell: 

and again: 

While the Green Bay quarterback suffered the internet was making jokes: 

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