Rachel Bush is an Instagram model who earlier this week was hanging around a Miami pool and caught the attention of Rob Gronkowski. How do we know she caught the eye of the Patriots Tight End and offseason party superstar. Because she posted it on her Snapchat.

Originally from New York State Bush has been modeling in various pageants since she was a teenager and recently made the move to Miami, where she attends Florida Atlantic University. Bush is planning on a career in international sales and hopes modeling can get her through college.

Her height, 5-6 likely makes her too short to be a high fashion model - apparently, I don’t know much about high end fashion but that’s what the internet tells me. She seems to be using social media to help her break through in other parts of the modeling industry.

I’m going to guess her social media following has made a huge leap this week as news of her and Gronk’s pool side meet up has exploded over sports blogs. If you want to follow Rachel on social media and why the hell wouldn’t you? Follow the links to her Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter accounts.

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