With a relatively light night on the sports schedule last night there were a surprising number of great candidates for Replay of the Day.

- 5'9" Isaiah Thomas of the Kings blocked 6'10" Bernard James of the Mavs
- Josh McCown dove for the end zone and spun like a helicopter blade (ala Elway) for a TD
- For the second week in a row Alshon Jeffery looked unstoppable making a sick TD catch in the back corner of the end zone.

...but the winner for Monday, December 10, 2013 is on the ice.  Corey Perry of the Anaheim Ducks scored a legitimate candidate for goal of the year vs. the New York Islanders last night.  If you don't consider yourself a hockey fan, or if you've never been on ice yourself, it hard to appreciate the absolute skill that went into this play by, former league MVP, Corey Perry last night.  Carrying tremendous speed through the neutral zone and into the Islanders end, Perry made former 1st round pick Calvin de Haan look like a 12-year old at a porn convention (back to Bridgeport for you Calvin).  Perry then not only scores from his knees, but he actually stickhandled and made a move to put the puck past Islanders' goalie Anders Nilsson (eventually the Islanders will find a goalie, right?)

Poetry on ice for Corey Perry last night in California.