Broncos QB Peyton Manning is back with a new series of commercials 'Sweat It To Get It' - this time for Gatorade. The pitch is simple if you want Gatorade you need to sweat and this gas station manager (played by the 13x Pro Bowler) won't allow anyone to buy the hangover lifeblood without sweat.  Cam Newton makes a cameo in the series as the worst customer ever. 

I don't understand why Gatorade doesn't do a marketing blitz targeting the hangover crowd. There is a whole dynamic of the consumer population that they've forever ignored - Joe Namath could star, win for everyone. Personal pet peeve of mine. 

I'll be honest, the 2014 Peyton Manning collection of commercials and my fantasy football drafts have been way better than any of the crap pre-season football I’ve sat through so far. 

The real season starts Thursday September 4th and be prepared to see these and other Peyton commercials another 50,000 times during every commercial break all season. That warning won't stop anyone from spending 10 minutes watching this charming commercial series now.

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