I was internet surfing looking for a sweet dunk to feature today when I stumbled across this gem from Kenny Dobbs. Sorry Deonte Burton...you're out.

This is, of course, a viral ad for Dobbs' dunk training DVD because nobody does anything for free anymore. Good for him, making a living off dunking.

The fire theme is a homage to the classic basketball game 'NBA Jam' where you catch fire on the court (literally) after hitting a few shots in a row.


In case you don't believe the fire dunk is real, here is a video about the making of it all.

I love the shot at the end where the guy who was lit on fire is, pretty much, dying on the ground but Kenny Dobbs is doing his promo-best to the camera. I know that's the whole point of the video, and the guy on the ground is going to be fine, but the visual just made me laugh.

OK Deonte Burton...your turn. Nevada's Burton continues to annihilate the NCAA basketball dunking game with this sweet showing against Boise State last night.

H/T - FORTHEW!N for the 'NBA Jam' GIF