After his disappointing tenure with the Chicago Bears, it seemed like Jay Cutler’s career as an NFL quarterback was over and a move to the Fox broadcast booth was secure. Then, the Miami Dolphins suffered a huge blow as a Ryan Tannehill season-ending injury provided an opportunity in South Beach.

It took some convincing and a $10 million payday, but Cutler put the mic down and returned to the field.

So far, that decision has been a disaster for Cutler and the Dolphins despite being 3-2 and having the best point differential in the AFC East. Through five games, the quarterback known for his arm has only thrown five touchdowns and is ranked 37th in QBR - right between Mike Glennon and Brian Hoyer.

Because of his lackluster play and his odd demeanor on the field, it isn’t a surprise that many players wouldn’t want him as the leader of their franchise. How many you ask?

ESPN ran a poll and 42 percent said he was the one NFL quarterback they would not want as a teammate. No one else received more than 6 percent of the vote.

The first reaction to this is no surprise followed by no way Jay Cutler cares about this as the popular internet meme tells us.

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