The New England Patriots celebrated the biggest collapse in Super Bowl history with a parade through the streets of Boston on Tuesday afternoon. Or maybe they were celebrating winning Super Bowl LI and the franchise's fifth title. Both things are true but we all know it’s way more the first thing than the second thing.

Most parades are the same — grown adults skipping work and taking their children out of school in the middle of the week to drink beer on the streets of a city that will look like the floor of a fraternity when it’s over. Players will make uncomfortable and awkward speeches. Fans climb on stuff (than fall) and make signs.

But with the salt factor/persecution complex involved with Patriots fans after two years of deflategate, we were treated to some glorious anti-Roger Goodell propaganda.

First we will start with the very NSFW collection of Goodell posters or artwork, depending on your point of view.

Danny Amendola was getting in on the fun. 

Summed up perfectly. 

Of course the star of any Patriots parade was always going to be Gronk and while he didn’t play in the Super Bowl he made up for it by his display during the parade. 

And the people loved every minute of it. 

And when you get this many idiots into a tight space there’s going to be some fighting… 

Congrats Pats fans, even during your championship parade you remind us why most of wish bad things on your franchises. And this kid… 

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