Oregon’s Dillon Brooks is a very good basketball player and will likely be drafted by an NBA team at some point, maybe not in the lottery or even the first round but he will likely get drafted.

Oregon’s Dillon Brooks is also a very shameful flopper and showed the world his talent Thursday night in this first ballot hall of fame level absurdity.

The Ducks forward was defending Utah’s Sedrick Barefield, who appeared to give a slight push on the drive but got the foul called on the Oregon defender.

But what happened next rocked the basketball world, when Brooks suddenly threw himself backwards while flailing his arms up in the air. And for dramatic effect, Brooks propelled himself to the floor in a controlled dive--all after a momentary pause and with a bewildered arena looking at him.

For his inspired performance, Brooks didn't get the call he wanted and was rewarded with well-earned boos from the crowd.

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