PSD Redzone is not just a place to get funny videos and goofy pictures, there will also be some opinions mixed in. This is one of those moments.

Baseball purists will be up in arms over this decision by Major League Baseball to outlaw the home plate collision...not me.

I consider myself an odd mix of old school and new school when it comes to sports (and especially baseball). I'm 31 years old but I really respect the old school aspects of sports. Tradition and history are two of the factors that make baseball great.  

Baseball has been around for over 100 years and during that time the home plate collision has been a part of the game. Apparently, not anymore (pending MLBPA approval). Some of the most horrific injuries in baseball history have occurred because of a catcher being trucked by a runner coming a full speed. Plays at the plate are like fielding a punt in the XFL...if the timing is right, somebody is getting blindsided and injured.

Broken legs, broken ribs, concussions, separated shoulders, and torn ACLs are examples of the types of injuries that happen during these brutal and unfair encounters. 

Hopefully, the players pass the rule change (I don't see why they wouldn't)...unfortunately it'll be a little too late for Buster Posey, Alex Avila, Carlos Santana, and Ray Fosse.